Zero hassle beautiful PDF files

date Mar 15, 2016 enables you to add PDF capabilities to your Asp.Net MVC site, Asp.Net WebApi API or any .Net app. It does this removing issues related to the technical details of building PDF files. You can just focus on the HTML Razor View, with styles and images, to build a beautiful PDF document.

What can do for you

  • Turn a Razor View into a PDF document with:
    • ViewAsPDf MVC action result
    • GetPdf and GetPdfUrl methods
    • Request.CreatePdfResponse WebApi extension
  • Create Headers and Footers, with page numbers.
    • Setting custom views with HeaderView and FooterView parameters.
  • Support for Level 3 CSS
  • Use MVC Models and ViewBag values
  • One line of code required
  • No need to install anything
    • Just install a Nuget package
  • Use local elements (images, css, js files), no need to limit to absolute URLs
  • Works on development machine, no need to publish in the development phase
    • Performance limited to local bandwidth, fast once published
  • Works for apps installed in private LAN servers
  • Detailed logging
  • Optimized for Microsoft Azure
  • Optimized for complex PDF
  • Works with Unicode characters