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date Jan 16, 2024

Creating PDF/A documents with

Ancient PDF/A files

The PDF service is now capable of creating PDF documents that adhere to the PDF/A standard.

date Mar 15, 2023

Create PDF files in Blazor

Creating PDF files in Blazor and calling them from the browser is really easy with the Asp.Net Core client.

The PDF service client will make a HTTP call to the API service, This way you can bypass the typical problems that arise when attempting to install and operate PDF tools on a server. And you can deploy your code on Windows or Linux machines without any concerns about dealing with diverse environments.

date Mar 11, 2023

Create PDF in Asp.Net Core on Windows and Linux

Creating PDF files in Asp.Net Core is really easy with the Asp.Net Core client.

You will avoid all possible issues that often arise whem trying to install and run PDF tools on a server since all your code will do is make a HTTP call to a the API service. You can then deploy on Windows or Linux machines without having to worry about the different environments.

date Jul 31, 2020

Create PDF in .Net Core from Razor templates without Asp.Net

I’ve developed a library that lets you use to create PDF files using Razor templates without requiring you to reference Asp.Net Core libraries. This makes it suitable to be used in console applications or Azure Functions (since it uses a HTTP call to build the PDF it will work even if on a Consumption Plan).

date Nov 28, 2017

Create PDF in Asp.Net Core on Windows and Linux

Creating PDF files in Asp.Net Core is now really easy with the Asp.Net Core client. This means that now you can use Rotativa code on Linux! Yu won’t have any problems since all your code will do is call a HTTP API service.

date Oct 20, 2017

Show a PDF in the browser in RotativaHQ

Controlling how a PDF will be served to the user by the browser can be hard and not 100% effective. But we have a few options that will let us make it work for most of our user base.

date Aug 17, 2017 available in Australia

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new endpoint in the Australia East Azure data center. This will help our Aussie customer get even faster times.

date Mar 15, 2017 vs Rotativa

I got this question lately: why should I use instead of plain Rotativa to create PDF docs in my app/website?

date Feb 17, 2017 Dashboard Dashboard makes it easy to monitor your PDF docs activity. With a simple interface you can check your PDF usage situation.

date Oct 14, 2016

Convert HTML or URL to PDF in Node using API

Creating PDF files in Node.js using is simple. You can either pass the service a URL or a HTML document. Making the call, using the request npm package, is this simple:

date Oct 14, 2016

Convert HTML or URL to PDF with HTTP API

Now you can use to create PDF docs by making a POST HTTP request to one of our endpoints.

date Apr 12, 2016 on three new endpoints

We are pleased to announce the availability of three new endpoints to enable creating and downloading PDF files closer to you and your users.

date Apr 3, 2016

Tips for creating PDF files with RotativaHQ

Using in the same way you use Asp.Net code should be enough to get reasonable performance in creating your PDF files. There are cases, though, perhaps complex or large pages, in which this is not enough. In this blog post we will cover some aspects that, with some attention, can make your PDF creation faster.

date Mar 30, 2016

PDF Headers and Footers as Views

With RotativaHQ, starting from version 1.3.0, You can create PDF docs with nice headers and footers simply by defining a parameter on ViewAsPdf:

date Mar 15, 2016

Zero hassle beautiful PDF files enables you to add PDF capabilities to your Asp.Net MVC site, Asp.Net WebApi API or any .Net app. It does this removing issues related to the technical details of building PDF files. You can just focus on the HTML Razor View, with styles and images, to build a beautiful PDF document.

date Mar 12, 2016

How to create PDF from MVC with

Using is extremely easy and it will come natural to those familiar with Asp.Net MVC.

date Mar 9, 2016

How works brings generating PDF files with the ease and control of Rotativa to the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Let’s see how it works.

date Mar 8, 2016 WebApi support supports WebApi usage and in general usage outside of MVC web app. As we will see later this feature can be used to build the PDF from MVC too, in case you need to access directly either the pdf or the URL pointing to the PDF (stored on the cloud and accessible for 2 minutes).

date Feb 24, 2016

Upgrading to

Upgrading and existing MVC site from local Rotativa installation to is quite straightforward.

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