A better way to create PDF documents for your web app

Rotativa.io is a cloud app that lets you create and serve PDF documents to your users in a fast, reliable, secure and private way. Use our easy HTTP API or the libraries available for Asp.Net, .Net Core and Azure Functions, Asp.Net Core 3.1, Asp.Net 6 and Blazor. Now also able to output PDF/A documents.

Endpoints in Europe, North America and Australia.



No need to install anything or to get stuck in issues with access rights or hosting restrictions. Ready to use libraries available to create PDF with one line of code or with a simple HTTP JSON call



Enjoy the performance and reliability of the best cloud computation power available. Choose a endpoint in Europe, US or Australia and serve PDF to your users directly from our service.



Check your PDF activity in real time with our modern dashboard. Monitor your usage and browse through logs.

How it Works

Rotativa.io is based on powerful and reliable cloud technologies. Your server request to create a PDF will be processed by our distributed infrastructure and the resulting file will be served directly to your user in a secure and private way.

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how it works

2.2 seconds

avarage response time


pdf served in less than 1.3 seconds


pdf served in less than 5 seconds

Implementing PDF creation in your app has never been easier.

Our HTTP API is simple to use and we also have ready made solutions for your environment. With our .Net and .Net Core Nuget packages, our WordPress plugin and PHP library, you can build beautiful PDF leveraging the capabilities of your tooling. In addition you will achieve better performance because communication to Rotativa.io will be managed for maximum efficiency.

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<!-- For a button to get PDF of current page/post -->
[rotativa-generate-pdf label="Download the complete report"]
<!-- For a button to get PDF of a different page/post -->
[rotativa-generate-pdf id="534" label="Download the complete report"]

    $rhq = new Htm2PdfApi(< YOUR ENDPOINT >, < YOUR APIKEY >);


    $html = file_get_contents('../pdf/report1.html');


    public ActionResult MyAction()
        var model = DB.GetMyData(id);
        return new ViewAsPdf(model)
            FileName = "MyPdfFile.pdf"

    public IActionResult MyAction()
        var model = DB.GetMyData(id);
        return new ViewAsPdf(model)
            FileName = "MyPdfFile.pdf"

curl -L https://eunorth.rotativahq.com \
    --fail --silent --show-error \
    --header "X-ApiKey:<YOUR_APIKEY_HERE>" \
    --data '{
              "html": "<html><body>Hello world!</body></html>"
    }' > test.pdf

    var pdf = PdfHelper.GetPdf(
        model: mymodel);
    // or
    var pdf = PdfHelper.GetPdfUrl(
        model: mymodel, 
        filename: "simple.pdf");

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Feel free to contact us by writing to info@rotativa.io for details and requests and get updated by following us on twitter @RotativaHQ