How to use from different languages and frameworks

Asp.Net MVC

Using RotativaHQ is extremely easy and it will come natural to those familiar with Asp.Net MVC.

Asp.Net Core

Creating PDF files in Asp.Net Core is now really easy with the RotativaHQ Asp.Net Core client. This means that now you can use Rotativa code on Linux! Yu won’t have any problems since all your code will do is call a HTTP API service.


Now you can use RotativaHQ to create PDF docs by making a POST HTTP request to one of our endpoints.


Creating PDF files in WordPress is now really easy with the RotativaHQ Plugin. You will have no issues since all your website will do is call a HTTP API service, no need to install anything on your server, no need to have graphics libraries installed and no need to code.


You can now use RotativaHQ from PHP. We have developed a PHP helper class that you can download from here.

Asp.Net WebApi

RotativaHQ supports WebApi usage and in general usage outside of MVC web app. As we will see later this feature can be used to build the PDF from MVC too, in case you need to access directly either the pdf or the URL pointing to the PDF (stored on the cloud and accessible for 2 minutes).


Creating PDF files in Node.js using RotativaHQ is simple. You can either pass the service a URL or a HTML document. Making the call, using the request npm package, is this simple:

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