Create PDF in Asp.Net Core on Windows and Linux

date Mar 11, 2023

Creating PDF files in Asp.Net Core is really easy with the Asp.Net Core client.

You will avoid all possible issues that often arise whem trying to install and run PDF tools on a server since all your code will do is make a HTTP call to a the API service. You can then deploy on Windows or Linux machines without having to worry about the different environments.

Installation is easy. You need to add the Rotativaio.AspNetCore package to you project.

PM> Install-Package Rotativaio.AspNetCore


> dotnet add package Rotativaio.AspNetCore

It will work with Core 3.1 and up to Asp.Net Core 6.

Configuration is done by code in the Startup.cs file, by adding a call to the AddRotativaIo services extension method:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    services.AddRotativaIo("<YOUR ENDPOINT>", "<YOUR KEY>");

You should replace placeholders with the values you will find in your account preferences page. You can register for one at the Singup page (free account is available).

Creating PDF docs from your views will exactly the same as in Rotativa:

public ActionResult MyAction()
    // ... 

    return new ViewAsPdf();